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Investment Risk

All investments whether they are in stocks, commodities, real estate, bonds or certificates of deposit and money markets carry investment risk. In the case of an individual stock there is a risk that the company could experience financial difficulties in the future that significantly diminishes its value. Stocks can also experience losses from a general market decline such as was experienced in the recent bear market. Commodities and real estate carry the risk of price declines whenever supplies exceed demand. They can also decline in time periods where interest rates are rising. Bonds carry the risk that the borrower could default in the payment of interest or principal. Bonds also carry the risk that the interest rate being paid is less than newly issued bonds which could result in a loss should the investor need to sell the bond in the open market prior to maturity. Even certificates of deposit or money market funds carry a degree of investment risk. The interest earned on these instruments could be insufficient to keep pace with inflation on an after tax basis.

Readers of Voice of Financial Reason need to understand that the newsletter and stock recommendations are designed for investors who are willing to accept moderate risk with their investment portfolio. The newsletter and stock recommendations are not designed for conservative investors who are looking for guaranteed investment returns. Every reader of Voice of Financial Reason is responsible to determine for themselves the appropriateness of the advice offered as it relates to their tolerance for risk. As the publisher of Voice of Financial Reason, Hodge Financial Services, LLC does not collect any financial information about our readers and as such assumes no responsibility to inquire as to whether the advice we offer is appropriate to the reader’s individual circumstances.

Hodge Financial Services, LLC will make every effort to accurately transmit its newsletter and stock recommendations to its subscribers on a timely basis. Hodge Financial Services is not liable for unintentional errors in the transmission of the newsletter or stock recommendations. Subscribers are responsible to notify us if they have not received either the newsletter or stock recommendations within a reasonable time of the publishing date.



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